Welcome and thank you for your interest in our Programs!
We look forward to teaching you the fine art of Tae Kwon Do.
We are dedicated to guiding you on your journey from white to black belt and beyond.
We offer many exciting programs including
Weapons, Jiu Jit Su, sparring, tournaments, Demos, a 3 day fall camp, Self defense,
State, National and Junior Olympic teams and much more!

We are a proud member of the Amateur Athletic Union and founder of the Florida Tae-Kwon-Do Association.
Our teachings include that of the W.T.F., K.T.A., l.T.F, Tae-Chi yang style, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Point Sparring, W.T.F.
Olympic sparring and Forms, GoJu-Shorei weapons and Karate.

Martial Arts are more than kicking and punching.
We also encourage students to achieve special achievements in which they receive special colored stripes on their belt
when they meet goals in: School (blue), Community (brown) and Parent (green).
At each belt level they must get these stripes before they are eligible to test for their next rank.
Please advise MasterTurnbull when your child meets these goals. (Only 1 stripe per week can be given.)
Stripes may be removed if they fail to maintain the integrity of that stripe.
When students are ready to test they will also receive a Red stripe
and be invited to our next testing (given by Master Turnbull).

On behalf of our Masters, Senior, Certified and Assistant lnstructors and fellow students,
we would like to welcome you to our program and our family!!


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