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Welcome to D. C. Turnbull's Martial Arts

D. C. Turnbull's Martial Arts provides instruction and training in Tae Kwon Do and other martial arts
to help people achieve excellence and balance in all aspects their lives --
to grow, maintain and protect what's important in their lives and become people of honor

Our program is unique because 
we offer discounts for multiple family members,
and offer a flexible class schedule with a wide variety of multi-level classes
in which the entire family can participate in

We provide Professional Instruction in:
Tae Kwon Do

Self –Defense
Mixed Martial Arts
Brazilian Ju Jit Su
Goju– Shorei Weapons
National Level Sparring
We also offer programs for:
  Young Learners (Li'l Dragons)
Special Needs (Breaking Barriers)
Home School
National Level Officiating Program

Instructor Training Program

Please Note: WE HAVE MOVED!!
Our school is now located in Longwood, FL

1844 Longwood Lake Mary Road #1060
Longwood, FL 32750

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